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Sunday Soda Baking

So, being a Sunday, this is a wee short post, as I’ve featured breads before. It had been quite a long time since I’d baked any soda based treats, so today, I decided to go a little crazy. Also, I did a mid week online Sainsbury’s shop that arrived yesterday, and as is typical with online food shopping, some random items arrived (that I had ordered, but forgot about) such as 1 litre of buttermilk. That’s quite a lot of buttermilk! Whoopsies! One loaf of bread is about 350ml, so I knew I had to get cracking.

I decided to make 2 loaves, and pull of a bit for some soda farls. I’ve had both on the blog before, but as a reminder, the bread recipes come from the lovely, fellow Irish, Rachel Allen - see here:
I made one wholemeal with sesame seeds and pumpkin seeds and one white. I tore off a bit of the white dough before putting the lot in the oven, flattened it out and fried it on my floured pan for my breakfast soda farls.

I froze the white one for my lazy future self, and ate some of the wholemeal with smoked applewood cheese and Arlene’s chilli jam. Ballymaloe relish was seriously amiss here. I’ve made a lovely soup, which I’ll post tomorrow, that will hopefully will be a wonderful accompaniment to the bread. All in all, very cheap and delicious breads that will last me a few days. Frugal September commence.

Medb x

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