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No Carbs Before Marbs

So it’s my 30th birthday coming up and I’m having a party on Saturday. Very exciting. HOWEVER, I have purchased a dress that is quite unforgiving, so I have decided for 4 days only, to do NO CARBS BEFORE MARBS a la TOWIE, in order to avoid any sort of strange bloating. TMI? So yes, I am now a Lady Who Diets. There will be one small break in this, that being Thursday night (my actual 30th birthday), when some of my very good friends will join me for dinner at Quince, Silvena Rowe’s restaurant. I have never been here. Silvena Rowe has featured regularly on this blog, as I adore her cook book:
In fact, I think I’m going to treat myself to her first cook book, “Purple Citrus & Sweet Perfume” now. Happy birthday to me!

Anyway, back to food. So no carbs… protein? I was in Dublin airport this morning and bought myself some DELICIOUS Wrights of Howth organic smoked salmon, so decided on a scrambled egg & smoked salmon lunch - no sour dough toast - risky.
I was also treated to a bunch of fresh rosemary from my mother’s garden this morning in Dublin, so I threw a bit of that into the scrambled eggs, to which I’d already added some milk and a TINY bit of butter (can’t really be doing NCBM and then chow down on a big lump of butter…).

Topped off with a little dollop of creme fraiche, this was a tasty, almost luxurious lunch. I just hope I don’t end up hungry in an hour and shove my face full of pasta….

Medb x

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